Becoming an ECCE partner

We are always on the looking to further develop our ECCE network and there are several ways to use this platform. As individual user you can just register in order to use the community functions (promotion of your projects, seeking for feedback and new collaborators, communication with other project owners etc.). Students from member institutions have access to exclusive job offers shared by the partner universities. Companies and other universities are welcomed to reach out to us to discuss possible cooperation models:

For companies:

ECCE offers you the chance to recruit students from Italy, Spain, UK, Germany and France. The partner universities offer a broad array of different academic disciplines and altogether a talent pool of a 100000 highly educated students. As a company you can i.e. receive the opportunity to upload your positions directly. Within the Entrepreneurship network you will have the opportunity to reach out academics, entrepreneurs and students who are all interested in entrepreneurial topics. If you are looking for other types of cooperation like the sponsorship of our entrepreneurship summer schools, consulting/research projects or network development, please reach out to the ECCE team.

For universities:

ECCE is meant to be a small highly on operations focused network, so we only accept new members for strategic reasons. If you wish to apply for membership please reach out to the project lead Jérôme Rickmann via email. Your email should contain information about your university and how you plan to support the network. Apart from becoming a direct partner university we encourage you to copy our strategy and to build your own career service network. Ideas, concepts and materials can be found in the ECCE output section.